SPROUT is a 5-year NIH-funded study of mothers and children that seeks to understand how mothers' and children's self-regulation predicts children's growth through the preschool period.

Impact of the Flint Water Crisis on Child Feeding Practices Among Black Mothers in Michigan

This study seeks to understand how the Flint Water Crisis and other concerns about water supply safety in Michigan may impact how mothers care for their young children. 

Parents' Self-Regulation and Youth Type 1 Diabetes Management

This study seeks to understand how parents' self-regulation may affect their children's management of Type 1 Diabetes.

Mealtime Matters (Completed)

In partnership with Adrian Public Schools Head Start, we are developing and testing a teacher training program to promote preschoolers' nutrition, help teachers engage in responsive feeding practices, and make family-style dining easier and lower stress for teachers and children alike.

Listening to Parents is recruiting mothers of 5 to 16 year olds who are concerned about their children's weight. The purpose of the study is to better understand the perspectives and experiences of these parents.

Seeking mothers and their 9-12 year old children to help us better understand children's eating.

Food at Home (Completed)

The Food at Home study seeks to better understand associations between mothers' executive function and the home food environment. This study will identify novel targets for intervention that may increase mothers' capacity to parent in ways that support their children's healthy eating and weight. 

Exploring Nutritional and Metabolomic Pathways Linking Chronic Stress and Childhood Obesity (Completed)

This study seeks to understand how early childhood stress may affect children's dietary intake and metabolomic profiles.

Understanding weight control strategies among a contemporary adolescent cohort (Completed)

In this study, over 3,000 University of Michigan freshmen were surveyed to understand the diet and exercise-based strategies that they use to lose weight, maintain their weight, and change their body shape. Use of technology to self-monitor eating, activity, and weight was also examined.

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